Water To Wine Coloring Page

writen by Sylvia Mash | March 11, 2022

Print and download these Water To Wine coloring books for free. Water To Wine is a popular kids' coloring book that features fifty-six pages of totally great coloring pages dedicated to the great beverage of the same name. Every page is full of color representations of wine bottles and can be printed out on graphite boards of your choice. These pages are available in board-game format, as well as in the standard picture-frame format. They are also available as separate cards and stickers, but if you would like to receive the Water To Wine in addition to the regular coloring book, you can purchase the two separately.

The story begins with the beautiful princess, Ariel, who is looking forward to her wedding with her prince. As the party goes on, Ariel finds herself getting drunk on the first day of the celebration, and by the end of the night, she is so overcome with emotion that she nearly falls off of the table. Fortunately, a frog named Fauna comes to her rescue, and she invites Ariel to have a tea party with her. While at first glance, it may not seem logical to add water to wine, this third day turns water into wine coloring page after page of fantastic color pictures that will please and inspire your child.

Fauna explains that when grapes are fermented, a chemical called tannin is released. If the first bottle of wine was not fermented enough, the process may not go through and the result would be an alcohol called vinegar. At this point, Fauna advises Ariel that she should not drink any more wine, or vinegar, for fear that it will turn water to wine, and also that her happiness and her life may become cursed. Ariel ignores Fauna's advice and continues on her way to her special day. As Ariel is about to kiss the prince, her birthday rolls around and while she is busy picking out flowers for her special someone, her phone rings.

When Ariel answers the phone, it is her fairy godmother, Pabbie, who wants to help Ariel celebrate her second birthday. Before her eyes, a magical water bottle appears from thin air and splashes onto the table in bright red. Ariel and her good friends congratulate the birthday girl on her charming outfit, and her new watercolor coloring page book. The happy celebration ends soon after when Ariel realizes that Fauna and her other fairy friends are planning to take her away on their "special" day. Fauna and her evil sister Maleficent decide that they will stop at nothing to get their dream girl, Ariel, back, and they set out to turn water to wine.

When Ariel and her good friends arrive at the party, there is a lot of yelling, arguing, fighting, and theft - as you would expect in a fairytale setting. Ariel, along with her new friends, decides to take care of the cake, and get the girls involved in other activities so that no one gets hurt. Once everyone settles down for the night, Ariel wishes her birthday guests a " Merry New Year " and wishes them a good luck for the upcoming year. Suddenly, Fauna and Maleficent decide to steal the bottle of wine, but Ariel and her friends intervene. Maleficent tricks Ariel into drinking some of the wine, and Ariel vows to get her own back someday.

Ariel's fairy godmother, Pabbie, gives her another magical coloring page that turns water to wine, and the three girls have a fun time coloring each other's faces. Ariel also gets to meet the new prince, Damon, and his foster-father, Beast. The next day, the four girls go to visit Ariel at her house, where her magical water to wine coloring page has transformed a piece of paper into a painting. Ariel is very disappointed when her friends tell her that it is not good enough, but soon she realizes that it is special because it features her birthday cake.

At breakfast, Ariel is waiting for breakfast, but Maleficent tells her not to wait, since her cake is due the following morning. As Ariel eagerly awaits her turn at the painting, a frog appears from nowhere, interrupting her painting. The frog asks if Ariel wants to try her magic on him, but before she can, Maleficent breaks the news to her that the water to wine coloring pages do not work on frogs. Ariel, relieved that she did not wake up her sleeping dragon, is about to ask when they can do something else, when suddenly Beast pops up, surprising her.

Beast tells Ariel that her birthday cake is for the new year, and he will give her one if she will promise not to eat the cake. Ariel agrees, but Maleficent makes her promise in front of Beast, and runs off to get the cake. Beast, after hearing everything that has happened up to this point, decides to follow after Maleficent, but finds out that she has gone to get the cake herself. Frightened, but still pleased with Ariel, Beast decides to go help her at the fair, where he finally meets Belle, who turns him down before he can tell her about the water to wine coloring page.

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