The Lord Is My Shepherd Coloring Page

writen by Jacquelin Landers | March 21, 2022

My son is in love with the Lord and we have a shepherd dog named Sam. He is always going to get in the way though, so it was fun for me to make up a coloring page for his boy friend to color. The coloring page pictures Sam wearing different clothes as he goes on a mission to bring the Lord and God to kids like he does on the television. Coloring pages like these are perfect for children as they can learn and enjoy while coloring.

The reason why we have a shepherd is because kids love dogs. It doesn't matter if you have a boy or a girl, boys will really identify with this part of the family more than girls do. It's almost a requirement for the family if you have children. When it comes to coloring, kids love to color and there is nothing better for them than to color with something that makes them happy.

The Lord Is My Shepherd Coloring Page Pin On Scriptures N8gxe
The Lord Is My Shepherd Coloring Page Pin On Scriptures N8gxe

I started out making coloring books for girls when my daughter was three years old. At that time, girls really didn't color much, which was strange considering how much they enjoyed being creative. I knew that coloring pictures made my daughter happy, so I began to do the same thing. We even tried making coloring books for boys with our son, but they seemed to prefer to draw instead of color.

Fortunately, we were able to make coloring books for both boys and girls and my son still enjoys doing them. They are really fun for kids and make coloring a whole lot more fun for parents. You don't have to make huge, bright colored drawings with crayons and pens, either. Let your child use all of the coloring pages available to make coloring a fun time for them.

One of the most important things to remember when coloring is to make sure that your child understands that what they are doing is for fun and that they are not trying to make anything else from the picture. Many kids like to color while they are also learning, which makes them much more interesting. If you can let your kids do this then it will be a great opportunity for them to learn as well. You can also make coloring sheets for your kids that are fun as well.

One of the best ways to make your kid happy is to let them take part in the coloring process. Letting them color a page with the Lord is a great way for them to gain knowledge about him. You can also make coloring sheets that include parts of the Lord's wisdom. Your child will love coloring these pages and you can help her to see the lessons that she can learn just by coloring.

One of the best ways that you can teach your child about the Lord is by coloring his page. He can learn a lot just by looking at the picture and the colors. A lot of parents don't know that coloring can be a great source of knowledge for their children, but it can be. Letting your child color a Lord's page will show him that he is a part of something bigger than himself and will encourage him to seek God for more.

The Lord is my shepherd, so why should your child be any different? Start your child off right by letting them color his lesson about Him. They will enjoy the whole experience and will be more likely to continue later. It's important to teach them about the Lord and get them used to looking at Him in a different light. When they realize that what they are doing is to gain Him, it will all make perfect sense.

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