Count Dooku Coloring Pages

writen by Sylvia Mash | March 21, 2022

What do you get when you have a membership with the Japanese anime website known as "DOKU"? Basically the largest and most comprehensive collection of Japanese star wars coloring pages available. With people being just so distracted by constantly going off in their minds with newsoids, text messages, or smart phones constantly going off, it is difficult to quiet the brain. In order to stop the brain from rummaging around for information throughout the day, there has been a new development. This new development allows you to keep up with the most recent developments and enjoy them on the internet at your convenience.

"DOKU" is a site that gives you access to hundreds of different Japanese anime coloring pages. Each one featuring different characters from the various series of Japanese animation films. Whether it be Lupin the Kid, Evangelion, Gatchaman, Samurai 7, or Dragonball Z, they are all featured along with different backgrounds. Many of these characters may even have special hand sign versions with which you can color in and practice your skills. Some of these coloring pages are aimed at younger children while others are geared more towards the older crowd.

Count Dooku Coloring Pages Artstation Adam Meah Star Wars Images Guns Drawings B7odl
Count Dooku Coloring Pages Artstation Adam Meah Star Wars Images Guns Drawings B7odl

If you have ever seen a Star Wars video game you would notice how much fun it can be to color the action scenes. The same thing can be applied to anime. Coloring in Japanese style is a lot of fun and can lead to some wonderful pictures that you can look at for hours. There is something for everyone with the site including fans of Naruto, Evangelion, Bleach, Lucky Star, Yu-Gi Oh, Pokemon, and many other popular anime series. What makes "Dokumu" stand out from other membership sites is the fact that it has a community center where you can get advice and share your projects.

If your child loves anime and you can tell they are already into it, then this may be the perfect site for them. A huge portion of these coloring pages are aimed at younger children. They can learn the basics from the anime series and progress to complex strokes using the various tools provided. This makes it easy for parents to monitor their child's progress. If the coloring pages contain too much violence, they will probably get bored very quickly and quit the page.

Count Dooku Coloring Pages Darth Maul Free Star Wars Cartoon Cute O5kue
Count Dooku Coloring Pages Darth Maul Free Star Wars Cartoon Cute O5kue

One of the features on most of the Dooku coloring pages that will appeal to your little one is the flash player. It is very easy for a child to learn the basics of coloring and move on to more complex strokes once they get good at it. Most of the sites offer lessons on a daily basis. Even the more advanced tools may be learned through trial and error over time. It doesn't take long before you will know all the tricks of the trade and be able to whip out your own creative ideas.

Some of the other tools on the site may appeal to you more than others. The episodes of the popular Star Wars series often have a Star Wars coloring page included. You can color in the main characters as well as many background features like space ships. If your child likes Japanese animation movies with a Star Wars theme, there are several that you can choose from. There are also several that are related to the original Star Wars trilogy.

One of the most popular themes is the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith movie. Count Dokkan and Jedi are introduced to the new galaxy and the fun starts with the first of the Star Wars episodes. This is where Dokkan, who is the main character, gets introduced. The Jedi Council gives him a blue crystal ball to use to battle evil and make friends. The only problem is that he starts to have problems focusing on his training and gets distracted by the beautiful princess.

The Jedi Order sends six of their best to capture the beautiful young woman, secretly known as Padme, whom Luke has fallen in love with. When they fail, she flees and the Republic forces pursuit. Count Dokan gets the crystal ball and uses it to try and communicate with Padme. He wants to help her escape and he even offers to help in her escape, but she refuses his offer. Once they realize what the count is trying to do, they track him down and learn that he has become the target of the Jedi.

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