Conference Coloring Pages

writen by Leandra Sommerville | March 21, 2022

This year made a great fun conference coloring pages with many pages for me to keep busy while attending conference. Prepare for conference weekend only with these very much coveted printable conference coloring pages guaranteed to keep the kids entertained. Exclusive to lds book store this packet contains coloring page ideas you can use. Included are dinosaur, sports, nursery, jungle and many more great ideas you can color in yourself or bring out and color for the teachers and delegates.

The great part about these colorful, easy to use conference coloring pages is that they can be a great activity to have in your meeting or training center. You can also bring them along on your trip or to church if you are going with family. These color pages are not just for the General Conference alone; you can use them for any meeting or activity. Use the Activity Packages that are included in the packet for any activity you can think up.

Conference Coloring Pages Pin On Free 77s1j
Conference Coloring Pages Pin On Free 77s1j

The great thing about using conference activity Packages is that the kids get to color in their own special way. Coloring in the pictures is a time-honored way to bond with your child and let them express themselves artistically. You and your kids will have a bonding experience coloring in these fun games as you encourage each other to color in the pictures and share what you have created with your child. Your kids will take notes and write blogs about the things they have colored in; this is a special way to take pleasure in the artwork and memories you are creating together.

If you want your kids to color in the Giant Coloring Book or activity packet for the General Conference, there are several activities you can create and take part in. Make a coloring book for all of the people in attendance by printing the activity pack on a large piece of colored paper and laminate it. You can give everyone individual coloring books to take home at the end of the conference or use the activity packet as a giant coloring book for everyone to take home.

Conference Coloring Pages Lds Activities Lessons Z349x
Conference Coloring Pages Lds Activities Lessons Z349x

You can also take the Giant Coloring Pages activity packet and hand it out during the conference. Encourage others to color in the pictures. This will help you keep track of who has done what and when throughout the entire conference and help keep your conference schedule organized.

These coloring pages can also be used as place cards. For instance, if you were serving lunch, you could print the activity pack on color printer paper and laminate it. Then hand out place cards. Your kids can color in the place card and the name of the conference for fun. When your kids get home, they can color in the menu and you can make room for more great foods!

Free printables are available in many places online. If you search for "conference printables" on any search engine, you will receive a large number of results. Choose the ones that appeal to you and then take the time to compare them side by side to see which ones have free downloads and which ones do not. This will help you choose those conference printables that will be best used for your next conference or school activity.

Remember to purchase conference printables in bulk. If you are using them for free handouts and invitations, you will only need a few per item but if you are printing the same information on each of the 8 separate sheets, you should buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is not expensive but it will cost you much less than you would pay per sheet of color printer paper and laminate for your coloring activity. Be sure to also check the cost of ink and toner for each sheet of color printer paper that you purchase. This can add up to a big cost so be sure to factor this in before you make a purchase.

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