Coloring Pages For Abraham Lincoln

writen by Sylvia Mash | March 10, 2022

Have you ever heard the story of Abraham Lincoln and the tablets of white magic coloring pages for Abraham Lincoln that his six-year-old son, Ben, would color? The story makes for a touching and memorable read. In fact, many parents keep copies of these coloring pages, along with the story and the pictures of Abraham on them, to use in their own homes to make learning about Abraham in their children's minds an easy task. Today, many children have come to appreciate and value this invaluable part of American history.

When we were growing up, our mother always made us "bookmarks" out of scraps of papers, usually three by six inches in size, and we would color in the images that she placed in them. We would then place the coloring pages into a folder or a spiral notebook in her office for her to take home and color. Sometimes she would make more than one set of these coloring pages for different subjects. These pages are precious to her and to us for the memories they provide and teach our children about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

The coloring pages are not only fun for your children to color but also are educational. They help you understand the impact that Abraham Lincoln had on our nation's history. Each page is a small portrait of the Civil War president from his appearance on the cover to his haphazard departure from Washington, D.C. after his re inauguration as president. They show Abraham Lincoln's tenure in office up to his death at age 32.

Your child's enjoyment of coloring comes from the fact that he or she is using his or her imagination to create a portrait of the president. The coloring page helps your child come to grips with the real person who was born to lead the free slave movement. The coloring pages would never have been made if it were not for Lincoln. His name remains synonymous with the struggle of his life. He had a genuine passion for freedom and fairness.

There are numerous websites that offer online coloring pages for Abraham Lincoln. Some of these websites are free while others charge a nominal fee. Most sites give you several coloring pages to choose from and the choice is entirely up to you. They allow children and adults alike to color in the pages. You can guarantee that the quality of the work is top notch considering the high standard that most artists put into their work. If you are looking for some very specific patterns and designs, the sites that offer digital downloads of coloring pages for Abraham Lincoln will have the best selection for you.

The cost of the coloring pages for Abraham Lincoln is very reasonable. It costs about the same as a couple of typical coloring books. With your child's chance at exploring his or her creative side, you have something meaningful to share together that can build a lifelong relationship between you and your child. When you have a child show an interest in writing and illustration, you also have a wonderful opportunity to teach them about the value of difference.

The coloring pages for Abraham Lincoln are like miniature works of art that your child can enjoy for years. The freedom that comes from coloring comes in the form of allowing your child to express their creativity and their own view of the world. This will help them in many areas of their life including school, sports, social development, and faith.

When you have a child that enjoys coloring pages, you have an opportunity to bond together on a very deep level. This will add tremendous value to your relationship. You are giving your child a gift that can help them in life and it can also be shared with others. Your child's favorite hobby can become a lifelong passion. This is an amazing opportunity to help your child discover who they really are and to enhance the beauty within them.

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